Buying a Luxury Home

Joseph Sabeh, Jr., is the president and chief executive officer of Executive Homes Realty, Inc. The realty firm is focused on luxury homes and estates, and serves clients in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Joseph Sabeh, Jr., has sold luxury homes worth $3.2 million to satisfied clients in Silicon Valley, Mission San Jose Hills including Fremont.

Realtors place great emphasis on location. However, in addition to location, buyers of luxury homes should be on the lookout for a few other factors. For instance, great views and lighting are worth their proverbial weight in gold. Consider a house set on the lip of a cliff that overlooks the ocean, or one with well-insulated windows that let the natural light come flooding in. These houses are bound to be worth significantly more than estates that are bordered by bland views or houses whose interiors are considerably shielded from the light by thick walls with smaller windows.

Unique architecture often improves in value over the long term, depending on industry trends. Look for homes with practical yet beautiful, artistic layouts. High ceilings carry higher value, for example, because they increase the sense of open, unobstructed space in rooms that can frequently become crowded.

Furthermore, certain amenities become more valuable to owners during particular seasons. An interior pool or gym, for example, is especially useful in cities plagued by harsh winters. Plenty of closets and storage space also enhance the value of a luxury property.


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