Health Benefits of Playing Golf

The chief executive officer of Executive Homes Realty, Inc., Joseph Sabeh Jr. exhibits his industry expertise with such accomplishments as recently listing a home in Mission San Jose for $6 million. To balance his professional life, Joseph Sabeh Jr. enjoys activities such as playing golf, which offers benefits along with challenges.

Often considered a low-impact and relaxing sport, golf requires beneficial social engagement. Playing golf with people who share common interests and backgrounds, for example, offers a way to leave worldly concerns in the locker room and reduce stress. Walking or driving along soothing landscapes in the fresh air brings obvious physical and mental benefits. Joining with fellow golfers before and after nine or 18 holes of golf brings added relaxation.
Beyond the game’s potential to reduce stress, golf provides physical health benefits. Walking over an 18-hole course gives players’ hearts and lungs a low-intensity sub-aerobic workout. Even when golfers play just nine holes, they can burn over 700 calories by walking and carrying their bags.

Golf is less physically demanding and, therefore, has the lowest incidence of physical injury of any sport. Golfers experience little stress on their legs and lower backs. Injuries are further reduced when players warm up with stretches before playing.


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