Working with the Beagle’s Incredible Sense of Smell

Joseph Sabeh Jr. serves as the president and chief executive officer of Executive Homes Realty, Inc. Outside of work, Joseph Sabeh Jr. pursues a variety of passions, including raising beagles. To raise and train beagles effectively, individuals must understand the unique traits of the breed. For example, dogs have an incredible sense of smell, with an average of 220 million scent receptors, compared to about 5 million in humans, but the beagle has even more than the average dog.

Dogs use their sense of smell more than their other senses to understand their environment. Because of this, individuals cannot and should not try to train them not to sniff. At the same time, it is possible to encourage beagles to sniff at certain times and discourage it at other times.

To keep a beagle from constantly holding up walks by getting its nose into things, owners can distract the dog with a treat. By bringing the treat to eye level and forcing eye contact before giving the reward, one can encourage the dog to look up once in a while instead of keeping its nose to the ground.

Owners can encourage a beagle to sniff by playing “hide and seek” type games with favorite toys and treats, allowing the dog time to enjoy its sense of smell.


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