Most Common Offensive Positions in Football

Joseph Sabeh, Jr., has garnered numerous awards throughout his nearly 15-year career in the real estate industry. Beyond his responsibilities as president and chief executive officer at Executive Homes Realty, Inc., Joseph Sabeh, Jr., enjoys playing football.

Here are a few of the most common offensive positions in football:

Quarterback. Recognized as the team leader, the quarterback directs the entire offense. The quarterback calls plays, throws the ball downfield, gives the ball to a fullback or running back, and even may run with the ball himself.

Wide receiver. With as many as two to four present on any given play, a wide receiver runs down the field and catches the ball thrown by the quarterback. A team depends on wide receivers to utilize its speed downfield in order to outrun opponents.

Running back. The running back receives the ball from the quarterback during a handoff, and then must run down the field in order to advance the ball.


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